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Production & Technology
Research & Insights
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Unity Developer



2D Artist



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Data Scientist



Spontaneous Application

If you can’t find a suitable position amongst the open positions above, then please free to send in a spontaneous application and we will be in touch if something suitable opens up.

Internship - Registration of interest

If you can’t find an open internship position above, it means that we don’t have any open internship positions at the moment. But, if you still want to let us know you are interested in doing an internship with us, you can send us an application this way and we will be in touch if something suitable opens up.


Our vision is set on fostering generations of playful people who play well together. We encourage kids to be whoever they want to be through play, exploration, creativity and imagination.


We believe in the power of play. We create playful safe places where kids can have fun and be free to be themselves.We let them explore their identity and relationships to others through play, self expression and creativity.


We value play, quality, inclusion and innovation. Everything we do is focused on creating an inclusive and innovative space where kids can engage in imaginative high quality digital play. Regardless of who you are, you should always feel welcome and represented in our world and in our workplace. Everyone fits in and stands out.




Toca Boca is instantly recognizable thanks to our characteristic colorful design and world class art direction. Our art talent pool is divided into four expert areas: 2D Art, 3D Art, Marketing Art and UI Art. We inspire and help each other out to share a common visual message wherever and whenever Toca Boca appears. We take a stand for play, creativity, diversity, humor, and quirkiness.


Animation at Toca Boca is all about showing off our worlds in an intriguing and captivating manner. Whether it’s game animations to inspire new ways to play or marketing trailers with a cinematic touch to build launch expectations, we pride ourselves on our fun, expressive character animations in both 2D and 3D and inject an off-beat sense of humor into everything we make.

Play Design

Toca Boca’s Play Design Craft is home to our game design, UX-design and level implementers. We continuously evaluate, evolve and improve the core experience as well as minor and major features of our apps. We collaborate extensively throughout the process to reach great end results together. As Toca Boca designers, we always keep kids’ and tweens’ perspectives in mind, from the very first ideas to the released product.

Production & Technology


The Programming Craft is where Toca Boca’s programmers meet to share knowledge, inspire, help and learn from each other across teams, platforms and projects. Skillsets and conditions evolve quickly within Tech and the team needs to be agile to adapt just as rapidly. We keep track of and explore new technologies together in order to stay sharp. A programmer at Toca Boca is never alone or bored.


The production team coordinates the overall development and performance of Toca Boca’s games. We are involved in many different aspects of each project, but our main objective is always to lead everybody towards a common goal and help remove any hurdles that emerge along the way. Put simply, we make sure that everybody involved can get their job done and have fun doing it.


QA at Toca Boca means more than simply testing games. As we see it, QA is also about maintaining a culture of quality throughout the entire company. Working within the development teams, we create and facilitate the processes needed for making great games. Whether it’s managing JIRA workflows, identifying and solving errors or helping producers keep everything on track, we’re involved in every step of the journey.

Research & Insights

The Research & Insights Team approach the culture of delivering analytics in a uniquely Toca way. We combine data science, business intelligence, market research, brand tracking and user research together into one team. Working together on cross-functional projects, we create fact-based stories that help our internal development teams make better decisions to deliver engaging, fun and successful products.


The marketing team’s vision is to ensure that every kid we engage with should feel that we’re speaking directly to them. Only by having a clear understanding of kids’ passions and pain points can we continue to grow and keep an engaged community. We work across all marketing verticals such as Brand Marketing, Performance Marketing, Social Media, Franchise Development, Customer Experience, PR and have our in-house Creative Hub.

Shared functions


They enable all Toca Boca’s teams to carry on doing their great work!

The IT Team provides technical support, internal communication tools, hardware, software, network infrastructure, access management and much more to ensure that all coworkers can perform their best. They are also mindful about carrying out all our work in a service minded, sustainable and scalable way. No problem is too small or big, they do all in their might to solve it.

People Operations

The People Operations functions are all about caring for and about the people at Toca Boca. This includes a number of teams such as HR, Talent Acquisition, Finance and Office Management. Together, they make sure that the Toca Boca experience stays top notch and they tend to have great fun doing so.

Management Team

The Studio Leadership team is a cross functional team dedicated to leading Toca Boca into a successful future. We’re focused on understanding our own context as well as industry trends, then translating those findings into a strategy which can be acted upon by the studio. Our team currently consists of three women and five men who each bring their respective expertise and experience from working in Tech, Product, Research & Insights, Marketing and HR.

the team

We are a play-centric company, our values are deeply ingrained around having a safe and playful environment for children. These are not simply words but rather what drives us, regardless of our craft and you see it surfacing literally every day!

Fabio Paes Pedro

Technical Director

I'm proud that we create games for an age group that is, in many cases, overlooked - tweens. In everything we do, we strive to meet kids where they are, and don't shy away. As a tween (or at any age) you don't want to be talked out of your feelings. You want to be heard, seen, and understood, and I think we're pretty great at doing that.

Johanna Andersson

Brand Creative Director

We stand out in the gaming industry because of our commitment to ethically designed and innovative play experiences, we truly adopt the kids' perspective.

Sebastian Roux

Art Director

The product and the value of play at Toca boca is amazing and combining that with staying on top of tech and culture trends is really challenging and fun!

Tobias Johansson

IT Manager

Our benefits

Collective Agreement

Employees benefit from a collective agreement including 30 days of paid vacation, subsidized parental leave and more.

Wellness & Health Benefits

We want you to feel great, inside out. Benefits include a wellness allowance, access to free workouts and reduced gym fares.

The Power of Play

We put children first, including our own inner kids! We celebrate and play a lot.


Naturally, we’ll supply you with all the tools, devices and software needed to do your work.


Our Campus is the heart and home of Toca Boca. It's where we meet to create, collaborate and play. It's where we invite friends and hold workshops with players. It's where we have fun and dream big. At our Campus, everyone should feel welcome, respected, and valued.